US Audio & Trade Show Freight Delivery Services

Show-Freight-AZ-300x199Having a display booth at a well-attended trade show is an excellent strategy that business leaders incorporate into their overall plan to promote new products and services.  It allows them to reach important decision-makers within their industry who may then become clients or customers. Much effort and money goes into scheduling these events and it is crucial that everything goes according to plan.

Before the actual show can take place, all of the materials used to set up the display booth must be gathered, boxed or crated and then shipped to the show site. Choosing the right trade show trucking company to get the show freight there safely and on time is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

You can not select just any trucking company to deliver your show freight. You need to find a carrier that has the experience and capability of meeting strict delivery times and who also understands the logistics of delivering to a huge convention center or other large venue.

A good trade show trucking company will have a staff of professionals who will help coordinate the move from the point of pickup to the set-up at your exhibition space at the site of the event. When a shipper calls to arrange a pick-up, they will be asked to provide the name of the trade show, the booth number and the time and date that delivery is required.

Unlike freight that is neatly wrapped on standard four-by-four foot pallets and easy to load into a truck, show freight often comes in extra long and oddly shaped form.  A special crate may need to be built for a 12 foot sign or extra care taken for safely transporting delicate equipment.

Time is of the essence for the delivery of show freight.  If it does not arrive on time so it can be set up before the show takes place, a business can suffer a serious setback in their marketing efforts.  Every trade show has a limited delivery window when participants in the show can arrive and unload their display materials. A trade show trucking company must pay very careful attention to being at the site at the prescribed time.

There is also the question of waiting time. It is not uncommon for trucks arriving on a Thursday for a large trade show taking place over the weekend to have to wait in line behind other trucks for several hours before they can unload.  As the shipper, you should make sure that you are not charged for waiting time.

The best trade show trucking companies do more than just pick-up and unload the show freight. When they deliver to the show venue, they will bring your items to your specific space and lend assistance in helping you uncrate and set-up your display.  When the show is over, they will help you pack and then ship it directly to your next trade show or back to a location of your choice.

Choose your trade show trucking company carefully. Once you find a reliable and trustworthy trucking company, it makes sense to use them for your other trade shows and special events.  While price is important when choosing a carrier, good service and on-time performance is critical.