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Corporate Event Audio & Show Freight TransportationShow-Freight-AZ-300x199

Going to a rock concert or a high profile corporate event is a special experience for those who are on stage and for those who work behind the scenes. This dazzling mélange of light and sound forms a significant part of the allure of the big stage. These intricate, complex productions rely on high-performance transport and logistics to ensure that Audio Visual equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, speaker stacks, sound mixers, turntables, projectors, visual effects, lights and digital controllers are delivered safely and on time for practices and shows.

The Perils of Transporting AV Equipment

The traditional logistics supply chain relies on transport companies to deliver goods to prespecified instructions. When concert organizers or corporate houses need AV equipment delivered, there are very few companies that understand the need for specialized transportation. Most audio visual equipment carries a “fragile” freight tag with specific instructions for its transport and delivery. However, most transportation firms do not adhere to these instructions because their only focus is to deliver to a deadline. A lack of knowledge about transporting specialized AV equipment could end disastrously.

Consider the case of a transport company that was contracted to deliver a large consignment of unprotected speaker kits that would be assembled at a concert venue. The same firm was also contracted to transport an entire rack of hard disks containing digital instructions for the concert’s lighting sequences. When the hard disks were powered up at the venue, they were found to have been completely wiped of all data. An investigation revealed that the rack had been placed directly above the strong magnetic field generated by the unprotected speaker magnets. As a result, the concert organizers had to spend thousands of dollars retrieving backup tapes and having a fresh rack of disks transported to the venue.

Specialized Audio Visual Transport

Hiring the services of a specialized AV transportation company is essential to the safe delivery of sensitive and fragile electronic equipment. A reliable AV transportation company will ensure that all electronic equipment is moved safely and responsibly from the loading dock to the stage. A large part of this operation relies on the specialized knowledge of how to transport these devices. From ensuring safe palleting and custom crating to securing equipment with padding, blankets and straps, choosing an Audio Visual transportation company that understands AV equipment is crucial to the safe, timely and secure delivery of the equipment that makes your show a success. Whether on a concert tour across states or at a ballroom venue, you can be sure that we work tirelessly to contribute to the success of your show.

Pick-Up and Deliverylocal-delivery-150x150

For trustworthy local pick-up and delivery, using a local trucking company just makes sense. We know the area in and around Phoenix far better than any out-of-towner would, and we are heavily invested in the local economy. Our business doesn’t work unless other local businesses thrive. That’s why you can trust us to take the very best care of your merchandise when we transport it. Our drivers are professional and punctual. Time is truly money in our business, and we respect your need for strict timeframes. Once we pick-up the cargo, we take the utmost care to safely transport it to its location, while still being on time. Our experienced drivers know the ins and outs of the Phoenix interstates, roads, and streets, and they use this knowledge to get your cargo to its destination quickly and with zero damage.

Sometimes people mistake the word “local” with “amateur.” In our case, that cannot be further from the truth. We offer years of trucking experience and expert knowledge to our customers. Local, for us, means you get the best drivers, the best service, and the best result possible. National companies just cannot manage Phoenix routes the way that we locals can. We live here. We know Phoenix. We want the city and your business to thrive. We are all in this economy together.

Long Term and Short Term WarehousingWarehousing-150x150

We are also your best choice for both long term and short term warehousing. We offer the facilities to properly store your merchandise long term, over 90 days, and offer affordable rates for this service. When you trust a warehouse with your merchandise for a long period of time, you need to know that the conditions are clean, organized, and secure. We offer all of these things for our customers. When you are ready for us to transport your cargo, we will load and ship it to your destination. The items will arrive in the same condition as they were when we first picked them up. We will keep your product safe.

Short term warehouses are often in short supply and so are difficult to find. We are happy to take care of your short term storage needs and have the capability of safely storing your cargo and then getting it where it needs to go quickly. Anything stored short term must be ready for prompt shipping, and we are experts at this fast turnover. We treat this type of storage with the same care and expertise that we do long term storage. When you are ready to move your merchandise, we are too. Again, when the items arrive at their new destination, they will be in pristine condition.

Rework Shifted Loads

Shifted loads are the bane of the trucking business, so if our warehouse receives your merchandise in that condition, we can rework the load, getting it ready to store and then to ship when you are ready for it to move. Our dedicated staff will carefully sort through your merchandise, fixing packaging on both wet and dry cargo. We can salvage most items and rework and repack your shifted pallets. This type of damage can cost manufacturers and retailers thousands of dollars and seriously impact inventory and the bottom-line. You need experienced professionals to make your items safe to store and ship again, and we are those professionals.

Our experienced drivers work hard to make certain that load shifting doesn’t happen on our watch. We have no control over other drivers; however, so if this problem occurs due to some other trucking company, we are happy to step in and correct the problems that happened in-transit. We want to help you meet your transportation and storage needs any way that we can. Only companies who know trucking can understand your warehouse needs as well. Of course, we are happy to provide both services to you in addition to correcting load-shifting problems and any other cargo concerns that you have.

Missed Delivery/Redelivery Services

In any business, having deliveries arrive on time is essential to maintain profitability. A delay in cargo departure or arrival can mean the difference between making money and losing it. Of course, a missed delivery is never a good thing, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. As a quality local trucking firm, we realize that things happen, and occasionally deliveries can be missed. That is why we make redelivery easy for the shipper and the recipient.

Redelivery doesn’t have to be a difficult and expensive process. We have policies in place to redeliver your cargo as quickly as possible to your location or that of your customers. Life does intrude and things happen that cause deliveries to be missed. Our mission is to get your items where they need to go as efficiently and as carefully as possible. We will do whatever it takes to achieve customer satisfaction, so the need for a redelivery does not deter us. We will get your cargo where it needs to go as soon as humanly possible. Our experienced drivers and our support staff will work overtime to overcome any difficulties with the transportation of your goods. You can count on us.

As your local Phoenix trucking company, our business plan is to use our in-depth knowledge of the city and the surrounding area to transport your goods with speed while taking care to deliver them in perfect condition. We are experts in cross docking, local pick-up and delivery, and short term and long term warehousing. We are a complete trucking and storage concern that can also rework your shifted loads and deal with missed deliveries and redeliveries. Once you’ve worked with us and experienced our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, we believe you’ll become one of our respected and loyal customers.

Local trucking companies have many advantages over larger, national operations. We know the highways and byways of the area, and we love Phoenix and its citizens. Our company’s goal is to deliver the best in cargo transportation and in warehousing, both short term and long term. We have the storage solutions for your business. You won’t need to worry about the condition of your products after shipping and while in the warehouse. Having us take care of all these needs makes your business run more smoothly and certainly eliminates unnecessary complications. Use our Phoenix local trucking business to take care of your own company’s needs.